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Anglicotech Team: Randy Delarm

Cooper at MITRE Small.jpgOur Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Mr. Randy Delarm, has been the Deputy Program Executive Officer for the Department of Navy’s Enterprise Information Systems for the past 3.5 years, managing a nearly $2B portfolio of enterprise capabilities.  These capabilities included a 700,000 client global Network for the Navy and Marine Corps, a Financial, Supply, and Project Management implementation of SAP for nearly 80,000 Navy users, the Global Supply and Maintenance implementation of the Oracle e-Business Suite for nearly 40,000 Marines, and a portfolio of Manpower and Personnel applications servicing the entire active duty Navy, featuring the PeopleSoft application.

In addition, Mr. Delarm was the Government Program Manager for the Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps from July 2003 to April 2008, directly accountable for driving the partnering strategy between the Marine Corps and Oracle Consulting, and selling this strategy at the highest levels of the Department of Navy and the Department of Defense.  This strategy led to the successful achievement of both Milestone A and Milestone B decisions at the Under Secretary of Defense level.  GCSS-MC is now fielded to the USMC III MEF Theater of Operations, and is continuing with full deployment to the USMC Enterprise.

This experience represents unprecedented insight for evaluating and mitigating project risks in the Public Sector, and has not only created trusted relationships at the most senior levels of the DON and DOD, but has resulted in critical relationships at the most senior levels of companies including  Oracle, Network Appliance, Deloitte Consulting, Computer Science Corporation, IBM and Hewlett Packard.