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Operational Advisory Group Summit


By Mike Prouty

May 1st marked the gathering of Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps, or GCSS-MC, leaders and innovators
from across the Marine Corps. Mr. John Sweeney and Field Supply and Maintenance Analysis Office -West graciously hosted yet another superb event. This was the fourth such gathering of the minds. Known as the GCSS-MC OAG or Operational Advisory Group Summit. The OAG is composed of working groups that contain representatives from each Marine Force (MARFOR), The GCSS-MC Program Office, and nine other Marine Corps entities ranging from Training and Education Command to the Field Supply and Maintenance Analysis Offices, or FSMAO as they are known across the Corps. This meeting marked a turning point in the efforts of the group as the emphasis shifted from issues and concerns with GCSS-MC to initiatives that highlighted best practices, more efficient processes, and better ways to garner the full force of the system. The future capabilities of GCSS-MC were highlighted as well as the recently formed Logistics Systems Coordination Office, and new network based training to name but a few of the important items covered during the Summit.

The OAG's five working groups represent Training, Program Communications, System Management, Performance and the renamed
at the Summit, Continuous Process Improvement, or CPI for short, that was previously referred to as the Policy Working Group. Not only did Anglicotech have a role in the coordination and execution of the Summit, but we also have members integral to each of the working groups. We have Larry Pozzi in CPI, Joe Benson in Performance, Marcus Preasha and Tom Keating in System Management, Roger Baxter in Training and our own CEO, Dave Cooper, in Program Communications. In addition to the core members, the MARFORS requested that our Anglicotech team mates in the field come in to share their knowledge and expertise with the OAG. This included, Rick Hudson, Norman Clark, and Mathew Dezsi from our team down in New Orleans, John Myrka at FSMAO-East, and all the way from Okinawa and FSMAO-West Pac, Mike Hastings.

Also in attendance was the entire West Coast team featuring John Edington, Yasser Aguila Todd, Dave Austin, Vance Boulanger, Duane Tobert and
Yee Min Lin. All of the Anglicotech team served the OAG well and each working group produced some quality products and ideas that will be used throughout the Corps.

The AT team hunkered down and helped Headquarters Marine Corps Installations and Logistics, Logistics Policy and Capabilities Branch, or
LPC, with the bulk of the heavy lifting producing all of the materials for the Summit and keeping everything on track. Each of the AT team members helped to guide their working group through the discovery, development, and presentation of their initiatives. These will be further developed in to Plans of Action and Milestones that will help to shape GCSS-MC and the Corps’ use of it for years to come.

The Summit wasn’t all work. The AT team and several adoring bystanders were treated to a karaoke serenade from our own Mathew Dezsi as he crooned the night away after a hard day’s work. The team also took some time to break bread, share ideas, and gain some insight from General Langston on the state of the company and where he envisions AT in the future. There was also quite a stir on the final day of the Summit as the AT team came be known as the “gang in black” to the other summit attendees when we debuted our new AT emblazoned polo shirts. The Summit proved that the AT team can work hard, play hard, and make one heck of a great impression. Keep up the great work team and I think we all are looking forward to the next GCSS-MC OAG Summit in the fall.