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OPM, e-QIP Hacked from China, DHS says


By Joe Benson

This story is being reported by multiple sources. Content for this newsletter article includes abridged content from this article.

In March, the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) network was breached. Chinese hackers penetrated OPM databases which contain files on all federal employees, including thousands who have applied for new or updated security clearances. As of the date of this article no specific loss or compromise of information was publically confirmed.

This attack is notable for two reasons. First, because hackers regularly try to breach U.S. government sites but are rarely successful. Second, the breach of OPM’s network potentially provided access to the Personal Identifying Information (PII) of federal employees, military personnel, and contractors that hold security clearances. OPM oversees e-QIP. When applying for security clearances up to and including Top Secret, applicants use e-QIP to enter extensive personal information, including financial data.

I contacted our Industrial Security Representative for additional information and any formal guidance being promulgated. As
of the date of this article neither is available but I will update everyone should that change. With the potential that PII has been compromised I ask that everyone maintain a heightened sense of awareness. Report suspicious activity to security@ or via the DoD Hotline. Information on hotline reporting is available at this website.